It’s all about the labels

Published November 29, 2011 by sweetcraftastrophe


Hope you’re Tuesday is starting off to a fabulous one! So last night as I was writing today’s post I totally got ahead of myself and realized that to shop for healthy products you need to learn the basics of food labels. Yea I know it kind of sucks but you just have to do it and trust me you’ll be better off for it in the future 🙂

All right so start off at top in orange and check the serving size then askyourself, “How much will I have”? So let’s say you has 2 cups which =2 servings so double your calories, fat, cholesterol etc.
Calorie Cheats
  • 40 Calories is low
  • 100 Calories is moderate
  • 400 Calories or more is high
Next, look at the green shaded area that contains fat and especiallythe dreaded trans and saturated fats. From now on keep those numbers low becauseif you consume a high amount of these then it may lead to other complicationssuch as heart disease.
Moving on, to the red area, which is a percentage of the daily value ofeach nutrient you should get. The %DV helps you determine if a serving of foodis high or low in a nutrient. These are all based on a 2000 calorie diet and Iknow you’re probably not used to keeping track of your calories but at leastthis gives you a frame of reference.
Now lets take a look at the blue area, these are all nutrients that you shouldget enough of. The biggest thing to look for is protein and fiber which willhelp keep you full but also lead you on your way to becoming healthier. You canalso use this as a comparison while shopping to see which product is better foryou in regards to protein and fiber.
Finally, the footnote at the bottomis on every food label and never changes; It is the recommended amounts ofnutrients based on a 2000 calorie diet. This is required on every food productand contains a comparative between a 2000 and 2500-calorie diet.
Now you’re prepared to take on thegrocery store! It’s a process and pretty soon this will become second nature.Personally, it’s been a great tool that before a few months ago I neglected anddidn’t help my fitness goals at all. Now that I made a conscious effort to takea few seconds and read the labels I found my favorite go-to products!
Stay tuned later on today I’mfeaturing a menu/grocery list filled with yummy food! 🙂

Have a sweet day!


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