Fresh Start

Published January 9, 2012 by sweetcraftastrophe

Good Morning!

So as you can see I have moved my blog to a new site and will be continuing to post from this page permanently. I do realize I have been slacking in keeping up with the posts but I’m back! It’s a brand new year and I know for some you of that means new resolutions and new promises to yourself to make this year a better one. Well I’m not one to set resolutions because I feel like they end up being broken promises. So instead of listing all the things you mightdo this year just start fresh this year! It’s a clean slate and from now on you have the opportunity to make this year count and strive to really make it amazing by doing all the things you love! Make it the year of you! Do whatever makes you happy and surround yourself with great people. Yes I know that sounds so cliche but in all honesty it works! Negative Nellies never make good friends or good company. Finally, always remember to be thankful for everything and everyone in your life. I guess I’m just full of cliche’s this morning but you get the jist.

Have a sweet day!


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