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Battling Black Friday

Published November 18, 2011 by sweetcraftastrophe

It is exactly one week from the most wonderful shopping holiday of the year…BLACK FRIDAY! It’s one crazy, hectic and yet fulfilling day filled with some amazing deals! You’ll get all the tips and tricks to becoming a deal catching diva! Alright so let’s get to dominating the sales and becoming a frugal fashionista! Just to note, I have not included ALL stores because well that post would literally take FOREVER! I’ve chosen a few select stores with the most deals available and also included links for you to browse through.

All these great deals and even more can be found here


**Shopping Alert** Target will be open at midnight on Friday November 25 so mark your calenders!

    P.S. – Don’t forget to buy your DVD’s here!


    • JCP has way way way too many deals to choose from but just an FYI the store opens at 4am and has deals till 1 pm!
    • One of the best deals are the boots featured on page 1 of the ad and they also offer some others online as well.
    • JCP Deals


    Shopping Alert** Macy’s will be open at midnight on Friday, November 25 to start the shopping frenzy!


      There isn’t a set list of items for Charming Charlie but based on previous years they will have some great deals and steals for you accessory loving junkies! 

      Charming Charlie


      For every $50 you spend you earn $15 in Kohl’s cash

       Battle Plan

      You’ve finished hoarding yourself with turkey, ham, prime rib and all the delicious sides and a few pieces of pie 😉 and now you decide to lug yourself off the couch and head over to join the other shopping fanatics. Whether this is your first mad dash on Black Friday or you’re a seasoned vet there are a few things everyone should know.
      1. Like all major events, you MUST research where you’d like to go and craft a list of your must have items. Make sure to add the prices to your list and double check them!
      2. Shop strategically, with an emphasis on planning ahead and using common sense. Black Friday is not a day to roam aimlessly as some deals are time sensitive which means you’ll have to be punctual.
      3. The most important thing to remember is not to get ripped off! Sure scoring a great deal will make you happy but don’t succumb to marketing tricks. As long as you know you paid a fair price then you should be happy with your purchases.
      4. If you’re not up for dealing with throngs of deal hungry shoppers there’s always Cyber Monday.
      5. Have fun!

      Happy shopping and don’t forget to share the amazing deals you find with us! Your comments are always welcome!

      Have a sweet day!