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Sparkle and Shine!

Published December 7, 2011 by sweetcraftastrophe

Happy Hump day! It’s the last day of classes for me this week and I am so excited because I only have one week left of school! So, if I’m not posting as regularly it’s because I’m studying my life away but I’ll be trying very hard to keep up with this!

So it’s day 2 of the Chrismakkuh (Christmas + Channukah = Chrismakkuh) series! Today I’m crafting up some very elegenat and easy vases that not only work for the Holidays but all year round!

Here’s my inspiration for today’s project!

If you have wine bottles around go ahead and use them but if not head over to your local Dollar Tree and buy a few clear vases. You can’t go wrong with $1 vases to craft with!
I don’t know how many of you use or have bought mod podge before but it is expensive! I found a much cheaper and easier way to get it with things you already have in your house!
So first things first we’re going to learn how to make diy mod podge
You will need:
  • Elmer’s school glue (or any brand)
  • Water
  • Canning jar, mason jar or an old pasta sauce jar


  1. Clean out the jar thouroughly and wipe it down with a clean towel
  2. Pour about 1/2 of the school glue into your jar
  3. Pour an equal amount of water into the jar
  4. Mix well

Now you have your very own mod podge!

Ok so let’s move onto these gorgeous vases! I really love this idea because it reminds me of snow and it looks expensive but you’ll be the only one who knows it cost you less than $5 to make.


You will need:

  • epsom salt
  • vase
  • acrylic paint (white)
  • mod podge
  • newspaper


  1. Lay out a few sheets of newspaper
  2. Pour a generous amount of epsom salt onto the newspaper
  3. Coat your vase/wine bottle with mod podge
  4. Roll the vase into the epsom salt a few times
  5. Shake off excess
  6. Let dry overnight
Here’s the finished product courtesy of Cleverly Inspired

 I’ll be posting some of my own pictures as soon as the paint dries on my vases!

Have a sweet day!



Lovin’ me some Chevron!

Published November 17, 2011 by sweetcraftastrophe

Hey there dolls!

So lately, my current obsession has been the Chevron print! Ah I just adore it to pieces! It’s so fun, simple and chic as well as absolutely pretty! I’ve been scouring pinterest and we heart it to find all the BEST chevron prints! Why you ask? Well because there’s no way you can look at these prints without using them!

 Just take a look at these fabulous ways to use this print! I’m so excited to share today’s craft with you not only because it involves Chevron prints but also because crafting is such a relaxing way to spend your evening.
My favorite idea for this print is making mini treat bags, they’re just so freaking cute! I think I know what my birthday party guests will be getting in January!
Yes, this is for a child’s room but its extremely versatile and that’s one thing I look for if I have to buy or make something for any occasion. 
Have you fallen in love with this as much as I have?! I can’t wait to see what else you decide to create with this!
I just couldn’t help myself! It’s an obsession like I told you and I’ve just fallen in love with this print which is a curse and blessing. I’ll probably be changing my phone wallpaper and the desktop screen to chevron as well. But hey, who could blame me? It’s just pure awesomeness!
Ok so enough chit chat, it’s time to get to the crafts! My fav part of the week is as always crafting lovely things and sharing them with you!

Chevron Crafted Letters

This is very simple to make and only takes a few hours with drying time included.
Here’s my first freebie printable  {Download here}

You will need:

  • Wood craft letters (from any craft store like Michaels, Jo-Anns, Hobby Lobby etc..)
  • Tacky glue
  • Pencil
  • Cardstock (white)
  • Scissors or X-Acto 
  • Ruler


  1. Lay out all your materials
  2. Print off your chevron print in any color of your choosing
  3. Lay the non-printed (white) side facing you and place your wood letter on top
  4. Then, take your pencil and just trace around your letter a few times so the line is clearly visible
  5. Once that’s done start cutting around the traced lines
  6. Take your print and lay it on top of your letter to make sure that everything lines up exactly
  7. Alright, now you can glue down the print and hold firmly for about 10 seconds.  **Tip: Take a textbook or dictionary and place it on top of your letter for 10 seconds to secure it firmly.**
  8. After you’ve finished that let it dry for a day and then you’re ready to hang it up on your wall.

Send me some of your pictures of your fantastic new Chevron inspired wall art! I would love to show off my viewers’ creativity!

Have a sweet day!